The Floor is Jelly Turns the World Viscous

“Who hasn’t dreamt, at some point, of filling a pool full of jello and swimming in it?” That’s the rhetoric developer Ian Snyder poses to his players. In 2012 his game, The Floor is Jelly, earned a top spot as one of IGF’s Student Showcase finalists. Snyder has now announced the full version will be available on Mac and PC January 30th.

"In some of us, that dream never died"

“In some of us, that dream never died”

jelly2In The Floor is Jelly, everything touched begins to wiggle as though, well, jelly. Snyder programmed the world’s physics himself, and it appears to have paid off. The vector graphic art of each level is a gorgeous combination of complementary colours, both solid and gradient hues, that give a sheer joviality to the game when they ripple. Players will maneuver across platform levels from window to window, bouncing across the jelly world– if they can ever stop staring at the visuals. As for the game’s soundtrack, it has been collaboratively produced by the ever-popular Disasterpeace. The Floor is Jelly has come a long way.

We’ll have more information as The Floor is Jelly approaches launch, but for now you can check out the devlog here or just replay the trailer to your heart’s content.