The Ever Innovative ‘Race The Sun’ Looks For Additional Crowd Funding

Race The Sun splash

Earlier this week indie studio Flippfly launched their upcoming game, Race The Sun onto the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Race The Sun is a fast paced racing game taking influence from racers such as Wipeout, but managed to create a very interesting and uniquely styled game in its own right.

Flippfly hope to raise $20,000 for the continued development of this great innovative racer that has now been in development for some time. I stumbled across the game on Kongragate last year and fell in love with the game, it has a very unique and individual style that really draws you in immediately.

Since then Flippfly have continued to develop and improve the game and have even introduced a mobile control system that is innovative and highly functional via mobile devices by teaming up with Brass Monkey. Flippfly is all about innovation and they have a lot of great ideas to implement into Race The Sun making this already very impressive racer something special.

It is because of this drive towards innovation that Flippfly have decided to bring Race The Sun to Kickstarter. They already had a fun working game but their vision extends much further than just a highscore driven title. With Kickstarter the team hope to implement a whole variety of features including:

  • Mod Tools – The ability to create your own levels and modify existing game modes, or conversely to make your own game modes.
  • User world portals – These portals appear during gameplay and teleport you off into user created worlds adding a rather great twist to the gameplay.
  • Co-op multiplayer – The inclusion of an asynchronous relay race allow you to pass on your life force once you die to others to continue where you left off.

Race The Sun SS01

In addition to these very interesting methods of user interaction Flippfly aim to add at least one additional game mode, a player levelling system, and even achievements. All this sets Race The Sun apart from other racers and these innovative ideas sound like a load of fun.

If you like the sound of Race The Sun you can play the alpha already on Kongregate or if you would like to play the game a little differently and have an Android/ iOS device head to Brass Monkey. If you would like to see Race The Sun on Steam be sure to give your vote to Greenlight it and if you would like to find out more about Flippfly be sure to visit their site.

To find out more or back Race The Sun head to their Kickstarter page now and help make this game a reality.

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