The Dream Has Been Made Reality — ‘Terraria’ Leaps To Android

The title speaks the truth. Terraria can finally be welcomed into our happy Android family, thanks to the efforts of Brad Gearon. Mr. Gearon has created something called Branches, the lovely little wrapper that will make Terraria available on the go that we covered in the past.

For those of you who may not know, the fact that Branches is a wrapper means that it is not the game in and of itself. What it does is actually quite interesting. It takes your regular PC version of the game and “wraps” the code to make it useable on an Android device. It’s okay if that’s mildly confusing to you — you don’t need to delve into the mechanics of such a thing to make it work. (Those of you who are interested can of course look it up on Google.) No, all you need is merely a set of directions, a copy of Terraria on your PC, and a few quick downloads. Directions and downloads can be found below, compliments of of our good Mr. Gearon:

1. Install this apk: Game Loader
2. Grab this zip: Conversion
3. Install Perl for Windows (Strawberry)
4. Install Python for Windows (Python)
5. Install your android device’s driver and adb (SDK)
6. Extract the contents of
7. Copy “Content” directory and main executable into the folder you extracted in step one
8. Copy Players and Worlds from “My Saves” (your save game location) to the folder you extracted in step one
9. Double click or execute ConvertCopy.cmd
10. Run the app, make sure you select xnb for the image format. Also no need for the desktop app at this point or DropBox unless you want your saves and content to sync.

Terraria Android

Regarding an iOS version: Gearon says he’ll begin working on it soon. No date of completion has been confirmed yet. But in the meantime, you can check out his official blog.