The Crow’s Eye Will Be Watching On PC

At the University of Crowswood, something wicked lurks in the shadows.

People are disappearing without a trace. No one seems to understand what’s happening. Those few who remain have become paranoid – and rightly so – and do their best to remain out of sight and relatively safe. The mystery lies before you; do you have the skills, the daring, and the raw nerve it will require to solve it before it’s too late?


PC gamers everywhere will soon have the chance to test their mettle against whatever is haunting Crowswood. 3D2 Entertainment, a developer based in Barcelona, Spain, is getting ready to release their highly anticipated horror adventure game The Crow’s Eye. The story is heavily influenced by folklore and legend, but is also inspired by modern storytelling in games like Bioshock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

The protagonist of The Crow’s Eye is a young man about whom nothing is known. Armed only with a flashlight, he must explore the abandoned university to try to find out what has been happening, and why people are vanishing. “The university is a dark, grim place, with walls worn out by the passing of the years, where every noise or shadow may startle us, and where even the most unexpected items may end up being of help.” He has no idea who his enemy is, or if he even has one, and he is all on his own.

The developers are extremely pleased with the fruits of their labor. In a recent blog post on their website, they expounded on some of the details. The Crow’s Eye is a horror game at its core, but the gameplay will require players to solve puzzles, investigate details of the mystery, and use stealth while exploring the University of Crowswood. The intricate story alone took two months of collaboration between the writers to ensure a solid, detailed plot. They are particularly pleased with the game’s aesthetic too, which pays great attention to detail and is “artistically very pleasing.” The backgrounds will include original paintings by Ferràn Amézqueta, the father of one of the 3D2 team members, and a talented artist.


Final details are being tightened, so expect a release date for The Crow’s Eye to be announced soon. Watch for news on the 3D2 Facebook page and Twitter account to stay in the loop, or sign up for the newsletter on their website.

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