The Coma Explores Student Nightmares via Korean Culture

Final exams aren’t exactly relaxing, especially if one spends an entire night cramming at the last minute. The young Korean student, Youngho, dozes off during a test, but that turns out to be the least of his worries. He wakes up to a horror that’s the stuff of his worst nightmares.

The Coma is a 2D horror game and debut title from Devespresso Games. The game takes place in an abandoned high school, where Youngho’s biggest worry is surviving. There’s a murderous being hunting him, in addition to many other perilous traps around the building, such as living vines. With hardly any means of defending himself, the student has to find hiding spots in spooky classrooms and hallways. Being able to quickly duck inside a locker could mean the difference between life and death.


As Youngho fights for his life, he navigates three connected sections of the school and uses his wits to find the way. Along with the maps, notes, and keys, he encounters a few characters who help him. There is also hidden artwork and other secrets that reveal a few more details about the game’s setting. One of Devespresso’s goals is to expose players to the rigors of Korean student culture.


The Korean developer plans to release The Coma in October, just in time for Halloween, but that’s dependent on whether it passes Steam Greenlight. Check out the Steam page and the game’s website for more information about it. The Coma will be Windows and Mac compatible.

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