The Bounty Announces New Standalone Expansion: Gaiden

If you don’t remember The Bounty, you can refresh your memory with this review. It’s infuriating, it’s fun, and it has a simple design that’s easy to follow, even if the game itself is difficult. In the same vein is the expansion, Gaiden. The first in a series of episodic games, Gaiden takes the style of The Bounty and adds new puzzles and enemies, with the same no-holds-barred difficulty of the original. The scoring system is the same, and you can share your Gaiden scores with people all over the world, just as you can with The Bounty. If you save your game, it detracts from your score; in addition, the enemies are randomly-generated (as are some of the traps), so one method of completion may not work the next time you attempt a successful run.

The enemies you love to hate.

The enemies you love to hate

As incentive to deter piracy (which The Bounty suffered in abundance), Ludicrous Games has offered pre-orders of Gaiden for $1 on the official website. You gain early access to the game, and when it’s fully released, you can update the version you already have without paying anything extra. All that’s required is that you email the developers at, providing the email you used to download the game (it’s via, and the payment method you used. You do NOT need to include anything else. This allows an update to be emailed directly to you, so you don’t miss a thing, and allows the devs to match up orders/downloads with the people who did so. [note: Ludicrous Games has promised not to share any of your information with a third party.] You do not need The Bounty in order to play Gaiden – it’s a completely stand-alone game.

More puzzles!

More puzzles!

To read more about The Bounty, check out the official website. You can read more about and pre-order Gaiden here. Finally, you can “like” the game on Facebook, or follow Ludicrous Games on Twitter for more updates.

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