The Bird is the Word in Featherpunk Prime


When one thinks of futuristic space shooters, one normally pictures some macho space marine blasting his way through hordes of alien scum. Or perhaps a silent stoic female protagonist clad in armor. What one rarely thinks of is a robotic, neon-colored, space flamingo. This is the unlikely protagonist players control in Super Hatch Games’s action platformer Featherpunk Prime.

Players will blast their way through several procedural levels, making their way to the top of the tower where they’ll have to destroy the Cybirdyne Guardians and their overlord, Madame Zoo. Along the way, they’ll face off against giant bosses and hordes of avian warbots. Players won’t be alone in this as they’ll have an armored sidekick with them, as well as a large arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

Featherpunk Prime is currently in development and is expected to release in August for PC. To learn more about the game and developer Super Hatch Games visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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