The Assembly Re-emerges with a Redesign and New Trailer

The Assembly premiered with a very short teaser before last year’s E3 before keeping fairly quiet, until now. A brand new “Two Perspectives” trailer showcases a redesigned adventure game created specifically for virtual reality technology.

A mysterious organization called The Assembly, seated deeply under the Nevada sands, works on unsettling research. Free from governmental restrictions, the scientists delve deep into findings relating to viruses and life. The organization is hiding something, however; the true nature of the research is yet to be uncovered. As it usually goes with super secretive facilities, a deadly virus can potentially escape and endanger the world.


The trailer introduces two main characters to the game, Cal Pearson and Madeleine Stone. It seems that Pearson is the type who wants to reveal the truth to the world, stop the research, and save as many lives as possible. Stone, on the other hand, seems more bent on continuing the experiments despite their costs. Each with a divisive set of their own perspectives and motivations, the two will face many moral dilemmas as players progress through the game.


nDreams, the studio behind The Assembly, used the time since E3 2014 to redesign the project completely with VR technology in mind, utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The story has also been reworked to fit the game better.

The Assembly aims to release alongside the launch window of the Oculus Rift, which is currently projected to debut wihtin the first months of 2016. The game will also be compatible with PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus, and nDreams also announced that it will work with Valve’s HTC Vive.

Check out The Assembly‘s website for more info and screenshots.

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