The Adventures of Shuggy Coming to Mac and Linux

Linux and Mac users will be able to play the 2D puzzle platformer The Adventures of Shuggy as of Friday, October 30. The title, developed by Smudged Cat Games, stars a vampire named Shuggy who recently inherited a haunted Scottish mansion. Players must traverse The Dungeon, The Boiler Room, The Gallery, The Graveyard, and The Clocktower if they are to be successful in ridding the mansion of its dwelling spirits.

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The game features more than 100 single-player levels and 36 co-op levels that can only be finished through team-oriented puzzle-solving. Depending on the current level, players will have to implement diverse gameplay mechanics in order to achieve their goals. The mansion also incorporates a nonlinear map screen, as well as occasional boss encounters. A free expansion of the game, titled Shuggy’s Teleporting Troubles, adds 40 single-player levels in which players must combine teleporting mechanics with existing gameplay variables.

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The Adventures of Shuggy can be purchased through Steam, Amazon, and Desura for $4.99. Although the game initially released for Windows and Xbox 360, it will be available for Mac and Linux on October 30. For more information, visit the official website or check out the developer on Facebook and Twitter.