‘The 39-Steps’ From Novel To All New Interactive Story

the 39 steps

Later this month the game adaptation of the classic novel The Thirty-Nine Steps releases as an all new interactive novel by the same name (The 39 Steps). Developed by The Story Mechanics the new a adaptation of the classic thriller hopes to bring about a compelling and immersive interactive adaptation of this classic story.

For anyone who does not know the story, The Thirty-Nine Steps follows the main protagonist Richard Hannay. After Hannay returns home he quickly gets pulled into a conspiracy and is soon framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Now framed for murder he must escape London and solve the riddle of The Thirty-Nine Steps in order to clear his name.

With so much mystery and intrigue The Thirty-Nine Steps should transfer over into game format very well, especially the interactive story model. The game will faithfully recreate the suspense and tension found in the original novel in an all new format to better immerse the audience in this epic story.

The 39 Steps will have lovingly created art work throughout enriching the gaming experience trying to recreate Great Britain in 1914, and recreating John Buchan’s original vision. Alongside the lovingly created artwork is a rich and engaging thriller that should really make for one great interactive story game.


The 39 Steps is scheduled for release on March 29th and can be purchased via Amazon. To find out more about the developers The Story Mechanics be sure to check out their website. For all the latest information be sure to check out the IndieDB page.

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  • PogFrogger

    Sounds great. Just ordered my copy!

  • GloriousMongoose

    This sounds interesting.. I’m a big fan of the Hitchcock film but never got round to checking out the book. Will definitely be trying this when it comes out.