Tetrobot & Co. Level Creation Contest

Swing Swing Submarine, a French indie-game studio, has launched a contest, running until April 21st, allowing fans to create a level for their robot-run puzzle game, Tetrobot & Co. To enter, fans can make their own map in the game, and publish it to Steam Workshop. After completing this task, they will then send an email to, complete with info on their level. The winners will be chosen by the staff at Swing Swing Submarine, and the results will be posted on their Twitter and Facebook.

As far as the reward, a $50 gift card to will be given to the winning creator. In addition, their created level has a chance at being chosen to be included in the game itself. The contest is very accessible to fans and developers alike, as the puzzle-creation interface isn’t as complicated as making a level in Unreal Engine, for example. Fans can easily create a 2D puzzle map and seamlessly upload it straight to Steam Workshop.


For those that haven’t heard of it, Tetrobot & Co. is a fast-paced 2D puzzle game that puts players in the robotic shoes of Psychobot, the “little brother” of Tetrobot. He was built by Maya, a robotics engineer, who has tasked herself with repairing Tetrobot. Psychobot is a microscopic repair bot sent inside Tetrobot to repair and optimize what he can, by fixing circuits, cogs, and all sorts of interior parts, presented in a screen-by-screen puzzle format. Adjusting to the inner-workings of the robots, players will mess with pipes, lasers and fans, all in an attempt to fix Tetrobot.


Tetrobot & Co. can be found on Humble Bundle and Steam for $9.99, currently on Sale for $2.99 until March 30th. It is also planned to release on iOS and Android devices during Spring of 2015.

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