‘[tesseract]’ Is A Quest To Make An Engaging FPS For The iPad


Douglas Warouw is developing a first person puzzle game called [tesseract] which is heavily influenced by the likes of Portal, but it’s more than that to him and he’s hoping you’ll help him out with a bit of funding to make his dream come true.

We all know the feeling…well, the old people probably do – you haven’t got as much time for playing games as you used to and are struggling to find a way of sneaking off to put a good couple of hours into gaming. So what do you do? Douglas Warouw found that he could get his gaming fix on the iPad while never having to creep off to his den and leave the kids asking for him. Douglas found a problem though – he struggled to find the kind of games he wanted to play, in particular many decent first person experiences.


Douglas then started work on a first person puzzle game with his goals being a casual gaming experience (levels completed in 10-15 minutes), a level editor and level sharing. Six months later and his game, now called [tesseract] is getting nearer to completion. As you may have guessed though, Douglas needs funding for various licences and marketing costs and is offering rewards in return for your generous offerings.

If you want to help Douglas out, then head over to the 8-Bit Funding page and put your dollars to good use. You want to see [tesseract] in action? Well here you go:

More information on [tesseract] can be found on the 8-Bit Funding page and the official blog.