Teslagrad Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Now here’s something you don’t see every day on an indie game site: Today’s unboxing is all thanks to the Indiebox program, which aims to bring back the joy of opening a retro game box and finding all sorts of goodies inside. The program launched subscriptions last month for the May Indiebox, and sign-ups are still open until the 31st for June’s.

The coolest part of the Indiebox program is that the monthly game is kept a secret, so you won’t know what you’re getting until you unwrap the glossy black plastic. Indiebox assures that its games are “only the best,” and May’s Indiebox (and the very first of the program), is a great start, with the platform adventure Teslagrad.

Guest artist Dan Jones did the artwork for the Teslagrad box, adorning it with neon blue and pink, as well as using a similar digital painting art-style as the game itself. The whole design looks and feels undeniably retro.

The back side has everything we’ve come to expect from game boxes today: Back-of-the-box quote, quick game summary, and some other details including the game’s recommended PC specs, genre, art style, and player count. Inside the box itself is an instruction manual featuring a Thank You message from both Indiebox and the developer, Rain Games, as well as all the story and gameplay details you’d need—all alongside more full-color art.

The Teslagrad box also comes with a papercraft character. Fortunately, we’ve got our handy IGM papercraft expert to tackle this one while we continue unboxing.

Buttons! Again, nicely produced with full color. I decided to put the Tesla Staff one on my bag! There’s also a small poster, an Indiebox sticker, and a Teslagrad CD OST that comes with an exclusive bonus track produced by chiptune artist Kubbi and inspired by Bear & Cat’s original work on the soundtrack.

Meanwhile, the papercraft seems to be going well!

Now for the game cartridge. This is the exciting part.

First thing: it looks great. The cartridge is packaged in a transparent sheath and is made of a firm plastic coated in Teslagrad art. It plugs into your computer via USB and, while the dongle at first feels flimsy, we had no issues plugging it in nor getting the contents to boot. The USB contains a .zip each for Mac, Linux, and Windows OS, as well as simple .txt instructions in English. Extract, run the .exe, and enjoy your beautiful new game! You can read more on Teslagrad in our review here.

Indiebox has made a great first impression with the production value of its first box, and it should only get better from here. Make sure to keep an eye on IGM for more on Indiebox in the near future…