Terror and Treasure Await the Bold in Depth

Depth is a first-person, team-based action multiplayer game from the New Zealand indie developers at Digital Confectioners. The game puts players in control of either a shark or diver in a dark, aquatic world. When in the role of the shark, players are able to steer a twenty-foot Great White for which its speed and natural senses are its greatest weapons. The objective as the shark is simply to eat the divers. The role of the diver is to explore the depths of the ocean, finding treasures to upgrade your weapons, which range from spear guns and pistols to assault rifles and mines. Depth also allows players, both divers and sharks, to unlock new weapons or “evolutions” that then open up new gameplay options/strategies.


Players will have to contend against the feeling of dread that comes from swimming in the darkness of the ocean. Digital Confectioners has implemented dynamic lighting and shadows to create an atmosphere that aims to put players on edge.

Those that are interested in trying Depth are in luck; Digital Confectioners is celebrating Shark Week beginning Thursday July 9 at 10am PDT with a free weekend and 66% off sale (the game is normally $24.99 USD) on Steam. The sale is also launching alongside a new game mode called ‘Hide and Seek.’

To learn more about Depth, visit the official site. You can follow Digital Confectioners on Twitter, ‘like’ them on Facebook, and check out their website as well.

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