Templar Battleforce Makes its Way to Steam

Trese Brothers Games has just released a new game in their Star Trader series that is part-RPG, part-turn-based strategy game: Templar Battleforce.

The game puts players in control of a “Leviathan mech,” and in command of their own little army of Templar Knights. They in turn are pitted against “Xenos” – which are presumably an alien species – as well as against rogue humans and the “Narvidians,” an old threat to the Star Traders. The Star Traders are the last “free humans,” which means they’re not beholden to other forces in the galaxy.

Templar Battleforce screenshot

Gameplay consists of building a squad and trying to form it in such a way that it counters whatever the major obstacles of a mission might be. The game will be trying to rebuff the player’s counters, with widely-varied terrain and static defenses, as well as a variety of enemy unit types. Customization of the members of a squad is apparently very detailed, with veteran squad members allowed the selection of not just their equipment and abilities, but of their entire appearance.

Trese Brothers Games is an Indie studio made up of three brothers. The oldest is the team’s engineer, the middle brother codes and draws, and the youngest is responsible for Templar Battleforce’s artistic direction.

The game is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs for $9.99 USD. Those interested in either the game or the developers can check out the Trese Brothers website, the Templar Battleforce website, or the game’s Steam page.

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