Tell Us About Your Indie Game!


The team at IGM has been working hard to make sure we kick 2014 off right. Hopefully you’ve noticed the major redesign (We try to look good for you!), but that’s only the first step in a wave of new features and content. Another initiative we’re working on is to provide an opportunity for budding indie developers to get their names and games out there for our interested audience to see. To do that, we’ve revamped the Tell Us About Your Indie Game! section of the IGM Forums. The forums have been hopping lately, and we wanted to find a way for developers to capitalize on the space we provide while creating some two-way communication between them and the indie community.

To make things easier, we’ve gotten rid of the developers sub-group, so anyone is free to post and reply inside the thread without any registration hassles. New members can simply create an account and start sharing. Developers, once you’re all set up make sure to keep us updated about the progress of your game; feel free to include whatever new artwork and development videos you want to share. On our end, IGM will do what we can to help spread the word about your project. Have you noticed that new Community Games! section of the sidebar on both IGM and IGM Mobile? That’s a direct feed from the Tell Us About Your Indie Game! forum thread, so the latest posts will be displayed across every page of IGM. Pretty cool, right? On top of that, our team is very active in the forums, so don’t be surprised if we come in and ask for an interview about your game for an upcoming article.

I encourage everyone who wants to introduce their game to the indie scene to stop on by and make a post. If you do, I can personally guarantee it’ll be seen by at least a certain Community Manager. See you on the forums!

Vinny Parisi graduated from the Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Journalism. No stranger to the industry, Vinny first picked up an NES controller at the tender age of two-years-old and hasn't stopped gaming since. RPG and Action-adventure are his genres of choice, but there isn't much he hasn't played. His thoughts and shenanigans are displayed for all the world to see @Vincent_Parisi