Teddy Terror Terrorizes with Monster-Trapping Gameplay

Not every roguelike RPG is a power fantasy where we play as unstoppable machine crushing monsters. Rage Monster Games employs a more subtle, indirect approach in Teddy Terror, where the environment turns into the character’s main weapon.

A little boy falls asleep with his Teddy, but instead of sweet dreams, nightmarish arms snare the bed and bring him to a world of shadowy monsters. With deadly traps and horrific apparitions all around , the boy traverses level after level to escape the nightmare. Teddy Terror has many roguelike elements, so the layout of every stage is randomized, including the traps and foes. But killing the demons is not as simple as one might think.


The boy can aim and shoot Teddy (or a projection of him, at least, because he can do it infinitely) but that only slows down the monsters. In order to deal with them, they have to be lured into the many traps laid out in the level – which include spikes, lasers, monstrous hands, and more. It’s not only the monsters that need to be carefully baited and kited to walk into the traps at the right time, the traps also often need to be activated by shooting Teddy at them. Occasionally, the boy can collect very powerful toys to help turn the tide; a robo-knight shoots lasers by itself, dealing with monsters without resorting to traps.


Teddy Terror has advanced significantly since December 2014, when it emerged from a 72-hour Indies Vs PewDiePie Game Jam. Since then, Rage Monster Games has made a lot of graphical and UI changes. The game now has randomized progression, where the next level sometimes spawns treasure, or a boss to kill within 30 seconds. There are also some RPG features, and whenever the player fails, they restart from the beginning, but the boy levels up, receiving increased statistics.

Rage Monster Games recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Teddy Terror; pledging as little as €5 (about $5 USD) nets a DRM-free copy of the game. The studio already got the roguelike successfully Greenlit for Steam distribution. Around May, there will be a free, downloadable demo to try the game out as well.

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