Teaser Trailer for ‘Shelter’: A New Game from the Developers of ‘Pid’


Many of our readers may remember Pid, a retro-2D platformer with modern graphical elements, whMight and Delightich was released late last year. Our review of Pid noted its gorgeous visuals and stylistic charms and noted promise from the developer Might and Delight. Earlier today announced their next game, an adventure title named Shelter.

Shelter focuses on a mother of little cubs, who are forced out of their comfortable surroundings and forced to venture into the wilderness to find a new home. Early screens and video suggest a peaceful experience, dense in nature, with nature being the main enemy of the family. Early art styling is reminiscent of Proteus, with a much more rustic color palette.

Shelter Screen 3

In terms of gameplay, all gamers have to go off of is the teaser trailer posted above, which only shows pan-across shots of scenes from the game. All the people of Might and Delight have promised thus far comes from a quote of Andreas Wrangler, lead level and game designer, who claims that “There are no boss fights in this game. No good or evil elements. It’s simply about survival and protecting your offspring.”

Shelter looks to be a promising adventure title with some experimental elements added. Might and Delight are planning for a release in 2013 on Windows and Mac. For more on Shelter be sure to take a gander at the official website or at its Facebook fan page. Might and Delight have also posted Shelter on Steam Greenlight. If you like what you see and enjoy Steam make sure to head over there. For more on Shelter and all of your indie gaming news keep it right here with