Team17 & Skybound Team Up to Create The Escapists The Walking Dead


Team17 came to San Diego just in time for Comic Con to announce the surprise development of their game The Escapists The Walking Dead, in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment. “Team17 presented a creative plan to blend The Walking Dead into The Escapists,” said Daniel Murray, President at Skybound Entertainment. “Our response was simple. When do we get started?”


“Masterminding your escape from prison is hard enough, but how can we make it harder? Zombies.” added Team17’s Managing Director Debbie Bestwic. The Escapists The Walking Dead will feature the same gameplay and 8-bit pixel art style¬†of the award-winning indie game The Escapists, but with a change in setting, characters, and enemies that pull directly from The Walking Dead canon. The game will even follow the timeline of the comic books by mirroring the progress of the story, starting on a fateful day at the Harrison Memorial Hospital. In each area, series protagonist Rick Grimes must secure a safe escape route and protect the group, made up of characters from The Walking Dead.


Team17 will globally debut the game at the Walker Stalker Fan Fest in Petco Park, San Diego, CA during July 10th and 11th. Attendees, roamers, and fans will be the first to get the chance to play as Rick Grimes in the Harrison Memorial Hospital level. The Escapists The Walking Dead is scheduled to release sometime in 2015 for Xbox One and PC. For more information, gamers and fans are encouraged to follow Team17 on Twitter or Facebook.

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