Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio Brings Retro Action to Greenlight

We often see games introduced with trailers that rely heavily on their graphics, music, and gameplay footage in order to engage players, and persuade them to buy and play the game. While every developer wants that outcome, Brazilian developer Marcelo Barbosa took a different approach to accomplishing it with Tcheco in The Castle of Lucio, by putting the game’s funny protagonist as the star of the trailer.

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Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio is a fast-paced retro action platform game all about Tcheco’s search for an exit out of Lucio’s castle. The boy has to deal with constant threats in each room, including spikes, moving platforms, and even enemies that must be avoided. The game’s soundtrack and visuals are inspired by the 8-bit era, mixing arcade machine tunes and NES-style art.

The developer promises that hunting for the keys needed to flee from the castle is “a big challenge, full of nonsense humor and retro goodness.” He also mentioned there are more than 50 rooms of increasing difficulty throughout the game.

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Recently, the game began a campaign on Steam Greenlight. The Steam version will come with more levels, general gameplay improvements, and a full English translation. Although the game is still trying to make its way to the platform, Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio is already available for free on GameJolt, but only in Brazilian Portuguese.

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