Taste Freedom in the Official Release of Broforce

Broforce, an ongoing project by South African developer Free Lives, has officially been released for Windows and Mac. Players take on the roles of various bros (parodies of action heroes) and are set loose to combat terrorist forces in entirely destructible environments. The title currently features more than two dozen bros, all of whom require different play styles, and are unlocked as players rescue numerous prisoners scattered throughout the levels. In regard to multiplayer capability, the game has both co-op and versus modes. A level editor is also present, which allows players to create their own missions and share them with others.


Broforce initially launched as a game jam entry in 2012, and had been in Steam’s Early Access program until its recent release. The unfinished title received frequent updates by Free Lives and was well-received by players who supported the game during its three-year development. In a recent Steam announcement, the developer states, “The full launch of America’s favorite freedom simulator will include a new set of challenging campaign missions as the bros charge into Satan’s stronghold for a final confrontation in hell with the dark lord himself!”

The full game is now available for purchase through Steam and the Humble Store. A PlayStation 4 release is expected at a later date. For more information, visit Free Lives on Facebook and Twitter.