Tarsier Studios Offers Teaser Trailer to Sedate ‘Hunger’

In the summer of 2014, Tarsier Studios received funding to develop Hunger, a suspenseful, thrilling exploration game that puts players in a Burton-esque world with potential peril around every corner. Six, a young lady stuck in the world of The Maw, has to find a way out.

It’s a simple concept at the core, but the artistry supporting this straightforward concept is much more than that. Players will run, jump, and crawl their way through a twisted dollhouse-like game world that could be harboring more than is shown on the surface. As the game is still in development, Tarsier just recently released a teaser trailer that shows Six in action. In it, she hops her way across a nightmare realm of hostile creatures, a lurking sense of loneliness clasped to her coat sleeve all the way. Not a whole lot has been revealed about the project aside from the main concept, and apart from the trailer giving a good look at the progress that has been made, Tarsier also made an appearance at GDC this month. There’s also an interview with Gamereactor¬†on the project.


Those looking for updates on Hunger can visit Tarsier in various ways including their blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Their blog only updates infrequently, but they are fairly active on social media.

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