Tanki Online at Gamescom, Major Update Coming in 2015

AlternativaPlatform, a Russian developer, brought its popular browser game Tanki Online to an open booth at this year’s Gamescom. Over 2,500 players participated in several tournaments and tried out a new map, “Cologne.”

The developers are working on reforging the game in Unity for 2015. Dubbed Tanki Online Unity, it will feature big graphical upgrades and new animations for the rich assortment of weapons and supplies featured. The lobby and interface will get a facelift as well, streamlining joining games. Moreover, switching to Unity enables AlternativaPlatform the opportunity to bring the game to different platforms, such as Facebook and mobile. Their ultimate goal is to retain the feel of the original while enabling easy platform switching, for instance between an iPad and a PC.


Tanki Online is free-to-play. Users receive a currency with which they can improve the armor and weapons of their tank while participating in teams or solo battles. The game’s been popular in Europe, with as many as 80,000 people on its servers. Since 2009, its monthly audience grew to 5 million. AlternativaPlatform has received several awards to date, such as an award for “best technology” at the Russian developer conference KRI in 2009 and the 2013 “Runet Price” by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

Check out their website where you can get started playing Tanki Online right now, as well as their report from Gamescom in the video above. Look forward to more news about the Unity version in 2015.

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