Take Up Your Sword: Stronghold Crusader 2 to Launch in September

Medieval enthusiasts may remember the original Stronghold Crusader, which debuted some dozen years ago. Billed as ‘the original castle sim,’ it was a successor to Firefly Studios‘ original game Stronghold, and in more recent years has been re-released on Steam in high definition.

Now, the legendary game is getting its own sequel in Stronghold Crusader II, set to launch both online and in hard copy form worldwide on September 2, 2014.


In the words of the developers, this will be the game they have always wanted to make. A new 3D engine will provide players with “addictive, fast-paced gameplay.” They believe the new game will “define old-school real-time strategy with fiendish AI characters, fast-paced skirmish gameplay, and new troops, traps, and castles.”

The main protagonist of the Stronghold series has always been King Richard the Lionheart of England, and he returns to once again be part of the action in this new game. As history buffs may recall, Richard was the leader of the Crusades, and the new game will take the player into the desert as he makes his presence known there. The developers assure the players that they make great efforts for historical accuracy, but not at the expense of fun.


PC gamers should mark their calendars for the September launch date; the original Stronghold Crusader sold well over two million copies and still has an active player base today, so there is every reason to think that Stronghold Crusader II will do at least as well. Visit the game’s website to read more details, watch videos, hear advance releases of the soundtrack, and join the player forums. You can also follow along on Twitter for more exciting announcements as the release date approaches.

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