Take to the Streets in 19th Century India in Kim

Kim 01

Developer The Secret Games Company’s newest game, Kim, brings players into the world of Nobel Prize-winning author Rudyard Kipling. Set during the 1880s in British-controlled India, players control the fate of Kimball O’Hara; a street urchin who has a tendency to cause mischief. In this top-down RPG, players will have to know how to survive as a penniless youth living on the streets.

Kimball will have to complete objectives, collect items, and garner favor with those he meets in order to find success. How the player goes about completing these objectives is entirely up to them, Kim can engage in combat or find a stealthier approach to the task at hand. Players will explore a hand painted open world that is procedurally generated offering players a unique experience with each playthrough.

Kim is currently on Kickstarter and Steam Early Access. The game is expected to release in March for Windows PC and Mac. To learn more about the game and the developer, The Secret Games Company, visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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