Take to the skies with MooFO

Delightfully tongue-in-cheek and colorful, MooFo by damnstudios hit the iOS store today. MooFo revolves around the misadventures of a calamitous cow called Daisy who has taken up a career in spaceship flying. The aim of the game is to make sure Daisy’s new-found career isn’t brutally cut short by saving her from obstacles like aeroplanes. photo3

The gameplay is pretty standard for a Flappy Bird clone, you tap the screen to go up and you don’t tap the screen to go down; it’s pretty simple. What sets MooFO aside from the absolute swarm of other Flappy Bird clones is that there’s is a little bit more substance to it. The entire presentation of the game comes off as something that has had a little more than one week go into it and I think we can let the Flappy Bird cloney-ness slide- just this once before it gets even more stale.

Like its trendsetter, MooFo’s appeal comes from its arcade style and addictiveness. As much as you can hate these types of games now, you can’t deny there is always a little voice in your head that eggs you on to beat your last score.  If you like this kind of thing then we suggest checking it out, it’s worth it just for the presentation and style.