Take to The Skies in Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China is a new third-person air-combat action game from Swedish indie developer, Ace Maddox. The game is based on the historical events of the China Burma India Theatre of World War II, and puts gamers into the cockpits of those fighting for their country.

Flying Tigers

Soar the skies of Southeast Asia in places like Burma, Thailand, the Himalayas, China, and more. Take part in historical battles including the battle of Salween Gorge and the Invasion of Malaya. Flying Tigers offers a mix of arcade style gameplay with photo-realistic visuals. Players can also slow down time to increase their precision with a mechanic called ‘TrazerTime’.

Flying Tigers Combat

The game offers a full single player campaign where players can take part in reconnaissance, bomber, fighter, gunner, torpedo and night missions. Flying Tigers also offers fully-fledged multiplayer with up to 16 players and several modes like Master of the Skies, Capture the Flag, and Team Dogfight.

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China is set to release on PC this summer via Steam Early Access. There’s no information on a price yet, but the developer has stated that there will be a flat fee. If you’d like to learn more about the game, visit the official website, follow on Twitter, or ‘like’ on Facebook. You can also find out more about Ace Maddox by visiting their website.

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