Take to the Seas in the Great Whale Road

There was a time before Whole Foods and super markets. A time where going grocery shopping would result in an all-out battle to the death. That is the time The Great Whale Road  takes place in. The game is a turn-based RPG inspired by the likes of Baldur’s Gate, XCOM, and Port Royale. Set in the North Sea coast during the medieval period, players use long-ships and armed crews as they search for supplies, establish trade routes and pillage, all in the name of their home settlements.


Players can select their hero and crew from historical cultures such as the Danes, Franks, Britons, Anglo-Saxons, and Picts. Characters are represented as cards, which can be upgraded as the player’s character and crew gain experience and renown. Players earn experience by exploring, trading and combat, as well as completing quests. With their hero and crew in hand, the player can select different historical ships and ship types. Gameplay focuses on exploration, crew management, and turn-based combat, which takes place either on land or between ships.  Players can partake in a single player campaign and follow the stories of their heroes, or they can pit their crews against one another in a multiplayer arena.


The Great Whale Road is launching on Kickstarter on November 17th and is expected to be released November 2016 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To learn more about the game visit the official website, “like” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. To learn more about the developer Sunburned Games, visit its website, and follow it on Twitter.

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