Take the Crown of the Gods in Free Browser RTS MMO

The team at Gaming Addict Studios are big fans of real-time-strategy games, especially ones with a multiplayer aspect. Dissatisfied with the current market, which has many free-to-play titles but with emerging pay-to-win structures, they drafted up their own title – Crown of the Gods.

In this MMORTS, players engage in city and, eventually, empire building. There are 18 different troop types to recruit, divided into over 30 structures. But Crown of the Gods gets away from the bookkeeping-micr0-management nature of most RTS games, opting instead to automate a lot of the processes. For instance, a construction counselor can be on the lookout to update the types of buildings players advised, giving them time to focus on other decision-making areas. Otherwise, it features the usual MMO strategy features, like alliance systems where players can band together and pool resources. Games don’t stretch out endlessly, and instead servers and maps have concrete victory terms, such as enacting a temple to your God in all shrines. Cities don’t have to have player-versus-player combat enabled, either.


Gaming Addict Studios wants to focus on creating a fair free-to-play experience, and the real-money currency only hastens getting resources available in-game. Purchases are limited by a statistic called Charisma, which scales with player level and regenerates over time, thus preventing a shopping spree to quickly expand a newfound kingdom.

As Crown of the Gods enters closed Beta this month, the developers are looking for a talented artist to help with assets for the title. While the core of the game has been completed, they’d like to spruce up the visual components. To that end, they led a swiftly successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2014.

To find out more about getting involved with Crown of the Gods, check out their website here, or there’s also an FAQ covering many aspects.

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  • Karen Lowry-Thompson

    Good article! Thanks!

  • Kenny

    Nice article and nice advertising for Gaming Addict Studios but have to say from playing the game i have noticed that very early on that a lot of the people who were growing exponentially were friends of gordy one of the developers or had played with him. They were also all american,
    Also that their growth was impossible using the parameters of the game at that point as a few players have worked out

    Will be interesting in next few servers to see if this carries on and that favoritism to certain players or friends might spoil this game for a larger player base