Take Over the City in Location-Based Game of Nodes

Apple Watch has taken off with many useful location-based apps. The device’s portability sometimes makes it easier to use than a phone. Jousta Collective takes advantage of newest consumer technology with a new game that suits mobile technology.

Game of Nodes is a massively-multiplayer GPS game. It takes advantage of registering users’ locations to create live battles around the city. The map becomes a global board game with players vying for control over various spots. Capturing several nodes in an area strengthens the zone and increases the player’s influence. They don’t battle just for themselves, however, because Game of Nodes pits global teams against each other. At launch, the game will feature three teams that receive special perks depending on their fantasy: Science, Nature, and Faith.


The creators drew inspiration from the popular Risk board games. Combat resolves in a manner similar to rolling multiple dice. However, each side can tip the chances in their favor by spending Perks. Perks can enhance an attack or defense in a variety of ways, by increasing attack rolls, strengthening shields, or adding extra minigame challenges for attackers. Apple Watch is an optional but important part of the game. The Watch features various minigames that occur when attacking, and shows notifications.


Jousta Collective’s Kickstarter campaign is underway with a $10,250 funding goal. Pledging at least $8 nets the game, which is a special Kickstarter price. Backers who pledge $14 will receive free downloadable content for life. The game is estimated to drop January 2016. According to the game’s website, Game of Nodes will be free at launch with in-app purchases.

For more information on the location-based game, visit and follow the game’s Twitter account.

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