Take Aim At Boredom With ‘Diskobolos’


Discobolus of Myron is a famous statue of a disk-wielding man that was created in the Severe period of ancient Greece. Diskobolos is disk-throwing game created by Conquering Bytes for iOS devices. Though I would love to sit and dedicate a few multi-page articles to the Ancient Greeks, their impact on the modern world, and their contributions to art, I don’t think the average reader (or gamer) would want another unwanted history lesson outside the classroom.

So, I’m just going to stick with writing about Diskobolos.

Diskobolos is an arcade game that challenges the player’s skill and ability to plan an attack using a disk-shaped projectile. The goal is fairly simple – to obliterate the various monstrosities that are heading straight to the bottom of the screen (think of it as your base). The player needs to take in account of the level design and properly align the best course to cause the most damage, whether that is simply aiming straight ahead or bouncing the disk in-between walls and barriers that dot the landscape.

There are enough challenges added to the game to make it interesting: there are different game modes, missiles, and the inability to have more then two disks on the screen at one time. Diskobolos offers 50 missions that will eventually allow the player to unlock various perks (such as an extra life) to help them on their way disk-hurling way. Additionally, Diskobolos media hints about ‘the LIST’ – an implied leaderboard that announces the most skilled Diskobolos players out in the world.

Diskobolos is available for 3rd generation iPhones, iPod Touches, and all iPads on the App Store. To check out what else Diskobolos has to offer, be sure to visit the official site. Until then, maybe take some time and read up about the Greeks and the Romans! Or, I suppose you could take a nap or get something to eat…