Take a Trip into Mexican Culture with Viva Sancho Villa

Pancho Villa, an iconic general of the Mexican Revolution, is about to inspire the leader of a new revolution in a game named Viva Sancho Villa, produced by the Mexican studio 2D Nutz. In it, the hero Sancho Villa will try to save the land of Magico from the hands of the Corrupted Emperor The Undesirable with his machete and several legendary weapons.

Viva Sancho Villa is a colorful hack-and-slash platformer where players will face several enemies while controlling Sancho Villa, such as Alebrijes (artistic, colored sculptures of fantastic creatures), Luchadores (wrestlers) and other colorful creatures. The brave skeleton will also face the generals of the empire, as huge bosses at the end of some stages. Alongside the promise of action, René Hernandez from 2d Nutz also explained the game will be filled with “Mexican humor, urban legends, and mariachi music. This is México.” During the game, players will be able to upgrade their weapons, learn new combos, earn power-ups, and even get pets. Perez also said the game will combine “the best of a platformer with kick-ass combos and power-ups.”


Currently, 2D Nutz is trying to fund their game through Kickstarter, where they’re asking for $20,000 to release a PC version of their game. Pledges starting at $15 guarantee the backers a copy of the game upon release, which is set to Q1 2016. Further information can be found at their official website, and those interested in following future updates can follow the developers on Twitter.

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