Take a Sneak Peek at Son of Nor

Prepare yourself for a new puzzle adventure game coming in the Fall of 2014 from Stillalive Studios. Join friends, or play alone, as you make your way around an arid desert environment as one of the last of humankind in Son of Nor. Upon release, Son of Nor will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Unlike earth, where humans thrive and plants are found in abundance, the desert world of Noshrac is hostile; definitely not the ideal place for humans to prosper. As a son of Nor, a powerful mage with telekinetic powers and the ability to control any natural element, it’s your job to defend the surviving humans after the onslaught caused by the Great War with the Sarahul Empire.


In short, the world is against you and you must do all you can to save it. From creating new spells with different combinations of magical elements, to using your environment to save your fellow humans by making traps and changing their paths, you must figure out how to use your powers and protect your people.  It would also be wise to be strategic when planning your moves, in order to solve the many puzzles throughout the game and utilize resources in the most efficient way possible.  Or, you could always just go on a power hungry rampage and destroy everything.

This game will feature both single player and multiplayer options – allowing up to three friends to play at a single time using splitscreen. Support for Tobii EyeX, Oculus Rift. and emotiv EPOC will also be provided.

Those looking for more information can check the Son of Nor website for further details about the game and its upcoming release.

Rachel loves anything gaming - it doesn't matter the genre. She started as a kid playing Wacky Races and Duke Nukem 3D and has continued from there. She is a Software QA Engineer by trade and is always on the lookout for bugs and how to make things run more smoothly. Feel free to reach out on Twitter!