Take A Look At Some Awesomenauts That Didn’t Make The Cut


In a blog post, Ronimo Games developer Joost van Dongen posted some concept art from Awesomenauts’ development. Seen in the handful of images are a number of Awesomenauts that never made it into the final game.

“A couple of days ago we announced that if our Kickstarter campaign would reach $290,000, we would add a fourth character to the Starstorm expansion for Awesomenauts. Today I would like to talk about the kind of art that came with that announcement,” Joost says in the blog post entitled ‘Visuals that make ideas much more awesome’.

Joost goes on to explain that being able to properly express an idea in concept art is nearly as integral as having good ideas in the first place. All of the following art is from Ronimo Games artist Oliver Thijissen.  The only bit that made it past the concept stage was the character concept of Groblok, who would later become the acid-spitting alien mutt, Gnaw.


One of the character concepts that ended up being scrapped, ended up ironically having an accidental spiritual successor. Squeedo, an octopus in a robotic suit, was drawn long before the community decided on Admiral Swiggins, a squid in a robotic suit. Swiggins was chosen upon after two community contests were conducted.

“…Squeedo was drawn months before the contest that lead to Swiggins,” Joost said. “We had totally forgotten about Squeedo and only bumped into him again after Swiggins had been selected by the community. The coincidence at how similar Swiggins and Squeedo are is just baffling…”

Awesomenauts released May 2012 for Xbox Live and PlayStation 3, and later came to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Ronimo Games recently held a successful Kickstarter campaign for Awesomenauts’ first large expansion, Starstorm. The campaign was funded over 250% and is set to conclude later today.