Take a jog through the history of gaming with Retro Runner

Prepare to take a trip through the history of video games, from the pixelated Atari era to the modern models of our current generation. Retro Runner: Princess Power, the latest game from Stratum Games, pays homage to all of video gaming, from the cliché characters to anarchic action.

Retro Runner puts you in the shoes of a princess who gets bored and tired of the entire concept of waiting ’round for a hero, and takes matters into her own hands and breaks out of the dungeon she has been held captive in. The princess then goes on the run through five distinct castles, each representing a different era in console gaming. Of course, this wouldn’t be a faithful homage to gaming if it didn’t reference the classic games which made gaming special. era5

The game features some timeless retro sidescrolling action, albeit with a little more depth than we were used to back in eras like the 90’s. You’ll find yourself grabbing potions and other items – like weapons – in order to upgrade your character, but you know that is to be expected: it comes with the territory. The game also features a fully customizable skill tree with three different disciplines: ‘Strongness’, ‘Toughness’ and ‘Wiseness’.

All in all, Retro Runner looks like a faithful and heartfelt homage to the world of video gaming, with over 50 references to games from the past 30 years. The game will be available for iOS and Android in April 2014; so keep a weather eye on the App Store and Google Play!