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IGM Forum Finds: A Quiver of Crows

Shmup games like Assault Android Cactus and Wrack tend to feature inorganic creations, like robots, androids, and horrifying mechanical spiders. It’s rare to see any sort of shooter with an organic theme, let alone a twin-stick shooter. A..

Fire Away: ‘Inferno+’ Launches On iOS

Just three weeks have passed since news first broke that RadianGames’ measured twin-stick blast-a-thon Inferno+ was to be released on iOS. And now it’s arrived. The game will retail at a standard price of $2.99 and is..

It’s A Blast: ‘Ballistic’ Given iOS Release

RadianGames’ frantic twin-stick shooter, Ballistic, has officially been released on iOS via the App Store. Previously a PC exclusive, not to mention a component of Radian’s Quadtastic Launch Collection, the game has made its way..