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Terraria Dev Assumes New Role as Publisher for Pixel Piracy

Partner up, people! Re-Logic and Quadro Delta, the development teams behind Terraria and Pixel Piracy respectively, have announced an interesting new collaboration. Effective immediately, Re-Logic will assume the mantle of publisher for Pixel Piracy, which..

New Darkout patch brings major refinements

Indie micro-studio Allgraf have released a new patch for 2D craft-em-up Darkout. Patch 1.2.3 brings a number of overhauls designed to improve the player experience – an overhauled user interface and a new tutorial, among..

‘Terraria’ 1.2 Update Coming October 1st

On Twitter, Terraria developer Andrew Spinks announced that Terraria’s 1.2 update will go live October 1st. The update is the first following the development team claiming they were done updating the game in early 2012...

Branching Out: Terraria Port Sync Pack Made Available

What do we want? Terraria on Android! After throwing our money at our monitor for a quite a long time, fantasy becomes reality. Portable Terraria. After some skepticism about the legal issues when we first announced that..