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Control the Nordic Warriors in Viking Command

Sidebolt Studios is putting you in direct control in their newest mobile title, Viking Command. Directing every Nordic warrior, your job is to have your troops survive the frigid battlefields and combat foes. Moving every unit..

Capital J Media Brings Battle Fleet 2 To Steam

In the month of June, Capital J Media will finish and release Battle Fleet 2 for several devices. The game is a sequel to their original Battle Fleet game, and will use several improvements to..

Early Access Preview – Maia

At the end of 2012, Former AAA developer Simon Roth was successful in reaching a Kickstarter fund of over 140,000 Euros for development of his game, Maia. Early Access for the game opened in Dec..

PAX East First Impressions – Grey Goo

The RTS genre today – what games do we have today, StarCraft 2? – is rather overshadowed by tower defense games and MOBAs taking center stage. Having grown up on Command & Conquer and Red Alert titles, there hasn’t been..

PAX East Preview – Epic Arena

Can a game truly capture that delicate balance that entices both experienced gamers, yet welcomes newcomers and casuals? Plenty of companies strive to strike the middle ground, attracting a large crowd of people. The folks..