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Anime and Vertical Scrolling Action Collide in QP Shooting

Developer Orange Juice’s QP Shooting – Dangerous! puts a ridiculous twist on scrolling shooters. Whereas typically  you would see a space ship or fighter jet (think Capcom’s 1942 series or Captain Skyhawk), you have QP, a pudding-obsessed..

IGM Forum Finds – Roche Fusion

Roche Fusion is a frantic, addictive, fast paced and fun procedurally generated arcade shoot-em-up with gorgeous visuals, and some fantastically over-the-top weaponry.  It’s also tough, so tough in-fact that the first time you play you’ll..

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up Review – Just Needs A Little More Pow

Power-Up is an entertaining 2D sidescrolling space shooter, inspired by old school shoot-em-ups such as R-Type, Hellfire, and Project-X. While it does little to innovate, it offers up plenty of retro-styled sidescrolling thrills with plenty of..

Android Hit Toast Time Popping up on iOS

IGM thought fondly of the breakfast-themed madness Toast Time when it released on Android last year. Now, developer Force of Habit has announced Toast Time will be making its iOS debut in February.  Toast Time became the go-to..