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Crimsonland Review – Bloody Delicious

A relatively unknown gem with an over ten-year legacy, Crimsonland seemed to be most popular in Europe over the years of updating the PC title. It’s a top-down shooter with a premise and graphics resembling games..

Reboot Overhauls the Data Hacker Series

Fractured Reality’s appropriately titled Reboot, the latest in the Data Hacker series, revamps the old-school style RPG with newfound vitality: This includes adding a brand new engine and quality voice acting. Reboot is a classic 2D RPG..

Popup Dungeon Kickstarter Reaches Goal

Triple.B.Titles’ Kickstarter project, Popup Dungeon, has reached its goal of $80k, with an additional four days left in the campaign to earn additional funding. To celebrate the campaign’s final week, Triple.B.Titles released images and footage..