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Children of Morta Offers Rogue-Like Action

Already stirring up the scene with its lovable pixel art style and exciting gameplay concept is Children of Morta, a Rogue-like RPG. On Mount Morta, a corrupt god in a fit of rage has cursed..

Gladiator Combat Goes Mobile with Colosseum Clash

Artificial Insanity is bringing all out, crazy, hectic, chaotic battles right to the hands of gamers in their new IP, Colosseum Clash. The title takes a more G-rated approach to Gladiator-style battles with their cute,..

LISA Review – Endless Sacrifice

I gave up my left arm to keep a party member alive, permanently losing the ability to use half of my attacks. That same party member, along with three others, ended up losing his life..

Palm Kingdoms 3 Provides Rest for Weary Travelers

Today we’re going on a tropical getaway to Palm Kingdom. It’s like a medieval-era vacation time complete with palm trees and beaches. Palm Kingdoms 3 is a strategy RPG that draws influence from the old Heroes..

Roll into the Mobile Market with DirtyDices

Infusing dice roll elements into a hack-n-slash RPG, Russian developer MACE.Crystal Studio has put together an Android-based game that allows players to jump right into an involving story. Falling into a bad crowd on the..