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Icecream Surfer: Slaying Vegetables in Style

Tired and exasperated with kids who don’t like their greens, The Evil Broccoli sets out to do something terrible: force everyone to eat tasteless vegetables by destroying the flavor universe. While Dolores Entertainment’s Icecream Surfer might be every parent’s worst nightmare,..

The Indie Box Brings High Quality Indies to Your Doorstep

Last month, subscription sign ups opened for an intriguing new monthly initiative that poised to return the feeling of opening retro videogame boxes– those bulky but beautiful cases with cartridges, full manuals, and other assorted goodies..

Super Knight World – An Homage to 8-bit Gaming

Games like Super Mario and Ghouls n’ Ghosts remind us of that era of challenging-yet-simple 8-bit gameplay. Coffeemuggames knows this, and is in the development process for Super Knight World, a game that uses the..