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Jotun – A Giant Game

Get it? Because Jotun are… giants. Yes. Jotun, being developed by Thunder Lotus Games, does feature the Norse giants, but its main focus is on Thora, a Norse warrior who died disgracefully, and thus must make..

Gravia Tactics – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Punchbag Entertainment have just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming, and quite awesome looking title, Gravia Tactics. With a goal of £120,000 to help bring this game into reality, Punchbag Entertainment can use all..

Bacon Man – The Tastiest Pork Product

It is a widely known fact that everyone loves bacon, and any “evidence” to the “contrary” is easily dismissed as bacon discrimination. The truth is that bacon transcends us all; its crispy, salty goodness leading..

Solarix – Putting Horror Back In Survival Horror

Pulsetense Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming, absolutely frightening, and amazing looking game, Solarix. The campaign goal is set at £10,000 and currently sits at just above £600 at the time of..