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Indie Links Round-Up: Boldly Go

Today’s Indie Links include looks at games such as Enhanced Wars, Mercenary Kings and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Wot I Think: Experiment 12 (RPS) “Terry Cavanagh. Jasper Byrne. Ian Snyder. Jack King-Spooner. Richard Perrin. Zaratustra...

Indie Links Round-Up: Space-time continuum

Today’s Indie Links feature articles on Overgrowth, TowerFall and The Castle Doctrine. On Why I Will Never Play The Castle Doctrine (This Cage is Worms) “Jason Rohrer’s newest game The Castle Doctrine is simple. You..

Indie Links Round-Up: Strong Roots

A new game from the Canabalt and Aquaria developers, Mine-Crack, and more on today’s Indie Links. Canabalt dev, Aquaria co-creator collaborating on Grave (Polygon) “Indie developers Adam “Atomic” Saltsman and Alec Holowka are teaming up..

Indie Links Round-Up: Tree of Life

Today’s Indie Links feature pieces on titles such as Incognita, Stealth Inc., and Shelter. The Story Of The World’s Unluckiest Game Developers (RPS) “Ever had one of those days where it feels like the whole..

Indie Links Round-Up: Utter Disregard

Today’s Indie Links include pieces on putting together an indie bundle and Nintendo’s approach with indies on Wii U. Indies on Wii U: how does Nintendo’s approach compare to Sony and Microsoft’s? (Edge) “Nintendo is working..

Indie Links Round-Up: Progress Report

Highlights from today’s Indie Links include developer reaction to Microsoft’s new self-publishing policy, along with a diverse platter of games. Indie devs say Xbox One self-publishing is ‘a move in the right direction’ (Polygon) “Reports surfaced..

Indie Links Round-Up: Wildest Dreams

Today’s Indie Links feature pieces on Dungeon Smash, Hohokum and Iron Soul – among other intriguing titles. BostonFIG and Harmonix Present Boston Plays Indies (GamePolitics) “The 2013 the Boston Festival of Indie Games announced that..

Indie Links Round-Up: Face To Face

Today’s Indie Links include pieces on a sequel to chess, the No More Sweden 2013 game jam winners, and an indie studio attempting to cure cancer. Indie studio developing mobile game to pinpoint genetic causes of..

Indie Links Round-Up: The Underground

Gulag Paradise, Echro One and other unusual games highlight today’s Indie Links. Redshirt, or ‘If The Starship Enterprise had Facebook’ (Gamasutra) “I’ve personally wondered for a while now how social media could be better integrated..

Indie Links Round-Up: Where I Escape To

Today’s Indie Links feature pieces on Microsoft’s passion for indies, the removal of clones from the Google Play store and how one developer is using his work to overcome his grief. Lionhead: Microsoft is “passionate”..