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Storium – A Revolution In Story Crafting

Now on Kickstarter, Storium is a revolutionary new online storytelling game that allows three players to work together to create any story imaginable. It’s a powerful and versatile story crafting tool where one player acts as..

IGM Forum Finds – Roche Fusion

Roche Fusion is a frantic, addictive, fast paced and fun procedurally generated arcade shoot-em-up with gorgeous visuals, and some fantastically over-the-top weaponry.  It’s also tough, so tough in-fact that the first time you play you’ll..

Proven Lands

Proven Lands is an impressive exploration-focused, science-fiction sandbox roguelike currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Still in its early stages, the game’s tech demo is already pretty impressive, allowing your spaceman to roam vast procedurally..

Gamious Name the Game Competition

Indie development team  Gamious  are looking for a name for their fun physics based puzzle/platformer, where you play as a neon ball that can change its size dramatically.  First created as a 5 level prototype..