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Average Giants Episode 32 Pt 1 – Volcosis

IGM Presents… The Average Giants! A weekly webseries where we play indie games while chatting with their developers. Come watch (and “follow”) the show live on our hitbox channel every Monday night at 9:00pm EDT...

Storium – A Revolution In Story Crafting

Now on Kickstarter, Storium is a revolutionary new online storytelling game that allows three players to work together to create any story imaginable. It’s a powerful and versatile story crafting tool where one player acts as..

IGM Forum Finds – Roche Fusion

Roche Fusion is a frantic, addictive, fast paced and fun procedurally generated arcade shoot-em-up with gorgeous visuals, and some fantastically over-the-top weaponry.  It’s also tough, so tough in-fact that the first time you play you’ll..