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Sanctus Merges Manga and RPGs

The upcoming Western JRPG, Sanctus, is now on Kickstarter, where developer L & L Partners plans to fund this manga-style RPG. The game is unique in its presentation style and accompanying level up system. The..

Apoc-X 1.7 Available in the App Store

Here’s one for the iOS kids (actually you have to be 17 or older to download), a radial gauntlet shooter with simple map layout, clean graphics, and addictive gameplay. It’s got all the mobile shooter..

Gladiator Combat Goes Mobile with Colosseum Clash

Artificial Insanity is bringing all out, crazy, hectic, chaotic battles right to the hands of gamers in their new IP, Colosseum Clash. The title takes a more G-rated approach to Gladiator-style battles with their cute,..

Kiai Resonance Brings Classic Samurai Dueling to PC

Absorb Reality is a Bruxelles-based developer from Belgium currently working on Kiai Resonance, a fighting game with a unique take on the genre. Emulating the peaceful and relaxing art style from traditional Japanese artists like Hokusai, the..

Palm Kingdoms 3 Provides Rest for Weary Travelers

Today we’re going on a tropical getaway to Palm Kingdom. It’s like a medieval-era vacation time complete with palm trees and beaches. Palm Kingdoms 3 is a strategy RPG that draws influence from the old Heroes..

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Yes, Your Grace has Arrived

It’s an affirmation of compliance, and a title of an upcoming indie title by Brave at Night Studio, who is currently amidst a funding campaign for their Medieval World Sim title on Kickstarter. Taking players..

Innerspace: Boundless Flight Simulation

Innerspace is an exploration game that puts players in control of a cartographer in uncharted bubble-worlds. In a universe with inverted physics that hold spherical worlds, the player is given a transforming plane that can..