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Igneos: The Last Phoenix Rises On Kickstarter

“Aerial Combat Adventure” is an amalgam of words that has become a sub-genre all to itself. Recently stepping into the spotlight on the indie scene, flight-sim type games are on the rise. Igneos: The Last..

Dark Deception – Pac-Man, But Even More Terrifying

It doesn’t matter if you’re not afraid of labyrinthine hallways in nineteenth-century decor or giant wind up toys. For those who have not yet played Dark Deception, it puts a disturbed twist on classic maze-running..

Average Giants Episode 40 – Space Sluggers

IGM Presents… The Average Giants! A weekly webseries where we play indie games while chatting with their developers. Come watch (and “follow”) the show live on our hitbox channel every Monday night at 9:00pm EDT...

Sanctus Merges Manga and RPGs

The upcoming Western JRPG, Sanctus, is now on Kickstarter, where developer L & L Partners plans to fund this manga-style RPG. The game is unique in its presentation style and accompanying level up system. The..