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Steam Greenlight Launches for Kidnapped

The psychological-horror game, Kidnapped, is now running a Steam Greenlight campaign, which was launched on July 6. It is an intriguing title – and one we have covered before – with a game world that..

Kidnapped – Psychological Horror Game in Development

Deceptive Games‘ most recent in-development title, Kidnapped, is looking to be one that will keep players on the edge of their seats. The game features meticulous attention to detail and a dynamically changing world, where..

The Crow’s Eye Will Be Watching On PC

At the University of Crowswood, something wicked lurks in the shadows. People are disappearing without a trace. No one seems to understand what’s happening. Those few who remain have become paranoid – and rightly so..

IGM Forum Finds: Caffeine

Let’s clarify the title up front: No, we did not find a supply of coffee in the forums. We do not have the technology. But rest assured, should it become available it’s definitely something we’ll..

ReLive Preview – Modern-day Ghosts

Horror game fans, rejoice, because something good is coming your way. The team of three Australian devs that make up  Inactive Pixel Studios are fulfilling their dreams of producing a game while simultaneously bringing nightmares..