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Tanki Online at Gamescom, Major Update Coming in 2015

AlternativaPlatform, a Russian developer, brought its popular browser game Tanki Online to an open booth at this year’s Gamescom. Over 2,500 players participated in several tournaments and tried out a new map, “Cologne.” The developers..

Push Panic Now Available to Panicky Android Gamers

In 2010, the development team of Barry Kostjens and Ricardo de Zoete released Push Panic, a colorfully anxious mobile game. Four different modes of play and a whopping price tag of zero dollars gave players access..

PAX East Preview – Epic Arena

Can a game truly capture that delicate balance that entices both experienced gamers, yet welcomes newcomers and casuals? Plenty of companies strive to strike the middle ground, attracting a large crowd of people. The folks..

IGM Forum Finds – Grand Battle

It’s incredible, when considered from a generational standpoint, that what was once on big computers and hardware taking up a lot of space now fits in our palms. Long time fans of series’ like Command..