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No Firewood – Fight Against the Dark

New Year, same problems. In Nemico’s post-apocalyptic FPS survival-horror for PC, No Firewood, humans have once again brought about the end of everything with their Earth-destroying greed. It’s five years from now and the human..

Interstellar Marines Update 15: Stealth Suppressed

The popular FPS, Interstellar Marines, that attempts to bring the best elements of Half-Life, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and System Shock together, just got a little stealthier after the release of an update to its..

Wrack Review – Fast-Paced Shoot-em-up Fun

The new release from Final Boss Entertainment, Wrack is an arcade first-person shooter with plenty of enemies, lots of speed, and goal-based levels sure to please speedrunners and adrenaline junkies. “FPS” might as well stand for..