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‘Krog’ Now Available On iOS

Blackgard and Conjured Graphics have team up to bring you Krog,  a dungeon crawler RPG based in the Blackgard fantasy  universe. You will lead Krog on a journey into the depths of Castle Blackgard to defeat the..

RPG Meets Puzzle Game In ‘Dungelot’

When most gamers think of a dungeon crawler they are reminded of old school classics such as The Bard’s Tale, or recent titles like Dark Souls. What do these games have in common? They’re catered toward what many..

Another Sin: ‘Cardinal Quest’ Comes To iOS and Android

Ido Yehieli has announced the arrival of its popular roguelike dungeon crawler, Cardinal Quest, on mobile devices via iOS and Android. Having previously been available exclusively for home computers, Cardinal Quest‘s leap onto mobile platforms..