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Dev Links: Sum of its Parts

Today’s Developer Links include articles on documentation, external content inclusion, and the bogeyman of the indie community. The Bogeymen of the Indie Scene (Jonas Kyratzes) “Human beings have always been susceptible to bogeymen. It’s a lot easier..

Dev Links: Writer’s Block

Today’s Developer Links include articles on polishing what you have, mixing music, and sensationalist headlines regarding RAM. Video: three indies exploring creativity in game design (IndieGames.com) “Courtesy of GDC Vault, this free GDC 2013 video shows..

Dev Links: Series of Tubes

Today’s Developer Links include pieces on how games teach us to escape failure and what you should expect when running a Greenlight campaign. Steam Greenlight: Celsius’s Colin Walsh shares what to expect (IndieGames.com) “It’s been..

Dev Links: Mutually Beneficial

Mastering social media, an app for indie games PR and more in today’s Developer Links. Platform holders and indies: Handy tips from the developers (Games Industry) “Microsoft has made a massive U-turn on its policy..

Dev Links: Taking A Break

Today’s Developer Links feature pieces on marketing your game, deathmatch map design and the glorious voxel. Design for Marketing: A Manifesto ([a]list daily) “The game industry has undergone massive changes since its inception with rapid technological..

Dev Links: On Your Mind

Today’s Developer Links feature pieces on the benefits of localization and the cost of developing for the PS4. So how much does it cost to develop for PlayStation 4? (Polygon) “Microsoft has swung open the..

Dev Links: Dry Run

In today’s Developer Links: Doing right by players with free-to-play and searching for the perfect indie gaming platform. Where is the “perfect” indie gaming platform? (IndieGames.com) “Not long ago, someone let the genie out of the..

Dev Links: Early Diagnosis

The Ouya highlights today’s Developer Links, along with a list of helpful pieces from various indies. Ouya devs reveal software sales numbers (Edge Online) “Ouya’s arrival was far from a typical home console launch, but that’s..

Dev Links: Extended Family

Good deaths, revisiting the Android platform and more in today’s Developer Links. A Good Death (Two Daemon) “What is a good death? I’m referring to these new-fangled videogames, of course, and specifically challenge-based games with..

Dev Links: Simple Suggestion

Today’s Developer Links feature article’s on Ouya’s Kickstarter exclusivity deal, Mac versus PC and flexible programming. Opinion: Ouya’s Kickstarter exclusivity deal makes little sense (Gamasutra) “I had to scan over Ouya’s new “Free the Games..