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Icecream Surfer: Slaying Vegetables in Style

Tired and exasperated with kids who don’t like their greens, The Evil Broccoli sets out to do something terrible: force everyone to eat tasteless vegetables by destroying the flavor universe. While Dolores Entertainment’s Icecream Surfer might be every parent’s worst nightmare,..

Save the world’s avocados with El Pinguino Run

Can you imagine a world without avocados? Well, you can imagine the world wouldn’t change much, there would be one less vegetable left in the world and Los Compesinos will have one less thing to sing..

Unity Contest Winner Tail Drift Coming in June

After winning Unity’s “Flash in a Flash” competition with Tail Drift back in 2012 (beating out mobile hit Ski Safari) the three-man development team at Attract Mode Games have decided to turn their arcade flying game into a..